Graphic design: CBS Outdoor adverts

I recently became aware of an advertising campaign by CBS Outdoor, called Outdoor by Name, Urban by Nature.  In each poster, silhouettes of objects have been carefully arranged to create the shapes of various animals, including a giraffe, elephant, octopus, peacock, angelfish, etc.

A set of posters were created for several of the UK’s biggest cities – London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Glasgow and Bristol.  The posters for each city consist of silhouettes of the famous landmarks of that city.  The posters for London can be seen on CBS Outdoor’s Facebook page, as well as a few posters for other cities.

I love this kind of graphic design.  There’s such an amazing amount of detail in each poster, and the closer you look, the more little details you see.  The posters have been skillfully and beautifully designed, and they really grab and hold your attention (which is exactly what an advert is meant to do!)

In addition, it’s fun trying to identify all the famous landmarks!  In the London posters, I’ve identified Big Ben, the BT Tower, Tower Bridge, One Canada Square (“Canary Wharf”), Wembley Stadium, 30 St Mary Axe (“The Gherkin”), the London Eye, Nelson’s Column, the Millennium Dome, City Hall, the Palace of Westminster, Battersea Power Station and St Paul’s Cathedral.  How many other landmarks can you identify?

Animated versions of the posters were also created for advertising screens, and a few are available on YouTube.  Watching them helps you appreciate the construction of each design.







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